Usps Agreement

The Mailer corresponded to four of the five main contractual provisions that we audited, including the type of e-mail and zone rates, the authorization number and the payment system. However, the factor did not take into account the annual volume commitment. In particular in the first year of the NSA the Mailer delivered only less than necessary. In the second year of the NSA (until May 31, 2020), the mailer delivered less than during the same period of the previous year. By law, the Post Office must prove that its parcel business covers at least its costs, and the Postal Regulatory Commission reviews the service agreements negotiated between USPS and the companies to ensure that the agency receives a fair price. We summarized the main features of the contract in the NALC Bulletin, which is sent to stations and offices across the country. Full details of the interim agreement, as well as the forward-looking pay schedules, other contractual changes and information relating to the new Declarations of Intent (MOUs), will be presented in the December issue of The Postal Record. They will also be distributed in the coming days on the union`s electronic platforms. The NALC Executive Board unanimously recommends approving the interim agreement. An mailer seeking an NSA from the USPS must submit a written proposal to the USPS pricing strategy manager with appropriate documentation (see address 608.8.0). The proposal contains the reasons for the NSA application and a summary of information that meets the applicable characteristics of the candidates and the general requirements described in point 1.2. A confidentiality agreement must be signed before any discussion on the substance of the proposal.

The first class Mail and USPS Marketing Mail NSA is based on the total revenue of First-Class Mail Automation Letters, USPS Marketing Mail Automation Letters and USPS Marketing Mail Carrier Route Automation Letters and provides an incentive to promote the growth of first class mail. A baseline is determined from recipes from first-class automation letters, USPS marketing mail automation letters and the USPS Marketing-Line-Line-Code-Automation Carrier Letters Nek compatible with full service (705.23.0) over a previously indicated 12-month period.