Supply Agreement Inspection

B. We have the right to require changes in the design and design of delivered items from the supplier, as long as the supplier can reasonably expect it to comply with such requirements. The supplier must make these changes within a reasonable time. The consequences of such changes, including delivery times, additional costs and reduced costs, are the subject of satisfactory agreements for both parties. We will see such consequences at our discretion if, within a reasonable period of time, it is not possible to reach agreement on the issues described in the sentence above. Agreement Title: ISS Commercial Resupply Services-Supply Agreement Type: Supply Agreement Parties: CODE FACILITY CODE Orbital Sciences Corporation | NASA-Johnson Space Center Financial Management Document Date: 03/02/2009 (c) The government has the right to review and test all deliveries required in the contract, as long as it is feasible, at all locations and times, including manufacturing time, and at least prior to acceptance. The government conducts inspections and audits in a way that does not delay work excessively. The government does not contractually undertake to conduct an inspection and control in favour of the contractor, unless expressly stated elsewhere in this contract. one. Any legal relationship between the supplier and us is subject to the following terms and conditions. The terms set by the supplier and the derogatory agreements only apply if they are confirmed in writing.

Neither the fact that we are not formally opposed to an agreement nor our acceptance or payment of goods or services should be construed as recognition. b) The contractor provides a government-acceptable inspection system for deliveries made under this contract and only offers the government, for acceptance, supplies that have been verified in accordance with the inspection system and have been found to be in compliance with the contract by the contractor. Under the system, the contractor establishes records that record all inspections carried out under the system and the results. These records must be kept in their entirety and made fully available to the government during the execution of the contract and as long as the contract requires it. The government may conduct audits and assessments to the extent that this is reasonably necessary to verify compliance with this paragraph. These checks and evaluations are carried out in a way that does not excessively delay the ordering work. The right of verification, whether exercised or not, does not exempt the holder from contractual obligations. Notwithstanding other contrary agreements, we obtain full ownership or co-ownership of the tools, as long as we have contributed to the proven costs of the tools used in the manufacture of the delivered product. We acquire (co)) ownership of the tools after payment.

The tools remain loaned to the supplier. The vendor needs our agreement to discard tools (in the legal or factual sense) of the tools, move the location of the tools or disable the tools permanently. The supplier must identify tools such as our property or condominium property, if any. The supplier pays for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the tools.