The Agreement By Lund

One of the preconditions for the implementation of all agreements is for the person responsible for an agreement to be informed of the status of the contract and to assess whether the agreement is organizationally acceptable. To support this assessment, you can follow our agreement review guide. There are also several presentation agreements that can be used in different situations. More information can be found below. Below, you will find the model chords in Swedish, click on the names to reach each model. The models are all open in a new window. If you work with an agreement, for example. B in cooperation with a company in which an employee has business interests, you may be asked to discuss conflict of interest and related activities. They must also follow the rules that apply when companies with links to university staff are hired. See the guidelines below. The content of the agreement and its total value determine who is authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of Lund University.

The Vice-Chancellor`s decision “Rules for granting decision-making powers to Lund University” specifies who can sign signatures at Lund University. A cooperation agreement with an external party is an issue at Lund University and must be registered at the department or faculty level. Any correspondence between the legal service and the external party during the negotiations must also be recorded in the context of the case. As a project manager, you are responsible for the agreement and make sure it happens. If you need more information, contact the Registrar of Lund University. Examples of agreements that need to be assessed in the particular circumstances of the organization concerned are: The agreement aims to reflect the conditions and interests that are important to the university and the individual project. Anyone responsible for a project or agreement must therefore be fully informed of these conditions. In order to facilitate and speed up the management of agreements, the legal department has developed a guide for the revision of agreements, which can be used for all types of agreements. The idea is that the guide will improve your understanding of the content of the agreement when you review a draft contract and allow you, to a greater extent, to manage contractual situations independently. The guide you can get by clicking on the link below lists the most common contractual clauses.

It also gives you the position of the university on various topics, for the draft audits agreement. In the university`s presentation contracts, there are examples of how the university prefers to formulate different contractual provisions. Do you need help with your agreement? Here we`ve gathered information, support and templates that can help. Not all agreements should be subject to legal review.